Janet Sannipoli(non-registered)
Joe, your photos are amazing. I love the way you capture the life and emotion in the artists you photograph.
Hi Joe!
Ron Bowles AKA Mtndawg(non-registered)
Love your audio work at Caffe Lena! And your photography is equally stunning. Great eyes and ears for capturing the moments!
Sharon Allyn Witbeck(non-registered)
Just incredible...the pictures and the guy in the sound box with a camera.
Mitchell Wood(non-registered)
It was so great to meet you the other day! Looking forward to meeting again to visit about photo, video, and anything else that makes for fun conversation!

Patte Hadfield(non-registered)
Great stuff, Jed. It's fun seeing the pictures I'm familiar with again, and then... there are more!!! Congrats!
Sean Cohan(non-registered)
I devoured every photo, Joe. They're gorgeous. Cannot wait to see more!
Dave Scheffel(non-registered)
I've always been a fan of yours Joe..your photography,as a sound guy and as a friend..Truly Nice Work!
Gary Moeller(non-registered)
Congrats, Joe!
Brett Bydairk(non-registered)
Beautiful stuff, Joe. It's nice to see some of your non-music pix.
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